Why Invest In Batumi Real Estate

One of the best places on earth to invest in hands-free income property.

Why is Batumi such a great real estate investment market?

Stable income and resale price growth
The investing climate in Batumi is interesting for many reasons; cost-effective, safe and friendly environment, modern banking system, soft property tax regulations, etc. Not only that, Batumi is one of the most beautiful cities in the country of Georgia and it has been one of the fastest growing tourist destination on earth for many years.
However, like all real estate markets, there are pros and cons you should become familiar with before you make an investment. Ruebush Group has been investing in Batumi since 2013 with a great deal of success. Our founder began investing in Batumi real estate with a nest egg of only $20,000. In less than 7 years we turned that into millions of dollars in real estate assets and developments. We believe the best is yet to come and we would love to help YOU be a part of it. Buy a hotel room today!


“Low taxes, growing industry, double-digit yearly tourist growth, and many other factors make Batumi a place anyone should seriously look at investing in hotel rooms.”

5% tax on rental income and no capital gains tax if you hold property at least 2 years make Batumi an attractive investment location. Forbes ranked Batumi among the best cities to invest in Europe. Investors are attracted to the 2,000-year history and culture as well as the favorable prices.

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Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Batumi Real Estate


Stable & Developing Market

Georgian legislation protects the investments of foreigners. Assets of foreign investors cannot be the subject of expropriation. Batumi has experienced double-digit growth in both population and tourism every year for over a decade, with the exception of 2020. And this trend is returning post-pandemic.

Georgian-EU Relationship

Georgia signed an Association agreement with the EU, which provides Georgian companies access to European markets and liberalizes the flow of people and goods between Georgia and the EU.

Low Taxation

0% ownership tax, only 5% income tax on rental income, and 0% capital gains tax on properties held for at least 2 years. Georgia has extremely low taxation for foreign real estate investors. Additionally, according to the Constitution, increasing tax rates in Georgia is only possible through a national Referendum.

Low Prices

The average market price for a fully finished investment grade property in Batumi is less than $1500 per square meter, making it the most affordable in Europe. In some cases you can invest in property here for less than $1000 per square meter and still have a modern property in a newly constructed building near the sea.

Good Return on Investment

From 2013 through today, at Ruebush Group we have experienced an average yearly return on investment over 20% per year when we combine rental income and resale price growth. Our average rental occupancy is 85% throughout all 12 months of the year, including 2020 and 2021. Our average property generates over 16% yearly through rental income alone.
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