We are the market leader in Batumi for hotels, restaurants, and vacation rental properties.


In 2020 the average occupancy rate of a hotel in Batumi was 4.8% for the year. Our average occupancy rate was 62.4%

In 2019 the average occupancy rate of a hotel in Batumi was 64.2% for the year. Our average occupancy rate was 89.7%

In 2018 the average occupancy rate of a hotel in Batumi was 59.6% for the year. Our average occupancy rate was 86.3%

Over the past 6 years, our average occupancy has been 41.6% higher than all other hotels in the region.

sources: SAS Hotel Analytics, Colliers International

2020 Batumi Hotel Occupancy

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We consistently outperform other hotels in our market by more than 40% every single year so we are able to offer you a guaranteed minimum return of 16.5% per year.

What our clients say

I have been an investor with this Company for a long period, and I can wholeheartedly say this is the best and most professional company in Batumi and maybe even in all of Georgia. I can say they have delivered beyond my expectations.

Thomas G, Tel Aviv, Israel
Thomas G
Tel Aviv, Israel

I highly recommend to invest in Ruebush Hospitality projects! They are very professional and creative group! Every property has unique character, high quality and the best views!

Aphina Martley, Irvine, California
Aphina Martley
Irvine, California

I definitely recommend you all to invest in Ruebush Hospitality Group projects in Batumi. After completing a few investments I can say this company is one of the best in town.

Nabil Najjar, Beirut, Lebanon
Nabil Najjar
Beirut, Lebanon

Like many people, it's a tough decision to invest in emerging markets. After my first investment, I took a trip to Batumi this past summer to see for myself. Glad I did. Ruebush Hospitality is the only group I would trust for these investments.

Brian Armstrong, Satellite Beach, Florida
Brian Armstrong
Satellite Beach, Florida

Ruebush Hospitality Group is the only company in Georgia that can take care of the whole process from A to Z and manage properties with a North American efficiency! After one year I can endorse them without any reservation.

Didier deNice, Nice, France
Didier deNice
Nice, France

I can highly recommend Ruebush Hospitality as the go-to real estate investment company for those interested in investing in Georgia. They have assembled a highly professional, ethical, and extremely competent team who made the whole process easy and safe.

Paul Budny, Paris, France
Paul Budny
Paris, France