Guaranteed Fixed Return Real Estate Investments



Income ROI: 18.18% per year



Secured Real Estate Investment

Invest in real estate assets already proven to be highly profitable. Own a property that pays you guaranteed income for a fixed term. Ruebush Group operates successful restaurants, bars, and vacation properties throughout Batumi that are already profitable. You can invest in these winning properties with us today!

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How does this work?

We are a diverse holding company. We acquire properties and grow restaurants, bars, and hotels. Once these businesses prove to be successful, we offer investments in the real estate for a fixed term of 5.5 years. We utilize this funding to acquire more real estate.

You invest any amount from $10,000 to $250,000. The first 6 months you will not receive anything. After the 6-month grace-period, you will receive fixed quarterly payments for 5 years. You can think of it like being a “landlord” to an already profitable and successful business. You buy valuable real estate that already has a secure and profitable tenant.




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Would you like to learn more about investing in real estate in Batumi? Let’s talk.