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Buying Real Estate in Batumi

Buying real estate is an important personal journey. For many people it is an emotional and exciting experience.

We would love to be your companion along the way. We have access to thousands of properties for sale in Batumi and want the opportunity to show you a few curated options.

If you are looking for a home to live in, we want to celebrate finding it with you. If you are dreaming to own a quality vacation property for your holidays, we want to share the experience with you. If you are looking for an investment property that exceeds your expectations, we want to be your trusted partner throughout the journey.

Let’s meet, shake hands, and share a cup of coffee or tea while we talk about your real estate journey. Our mission is to deliver the best quality, best value, and most positive experience possible when you own real estate in Batumi.


Not Realtors, Trusted Advisors

When we begin a working relationship with you, our ultimate aim is that we become lifelong friends. The great majority of our clients have entrusted us with maintaining and managing their properties for many years. When all is said and done, our desire is that you see us as your trusted advisor, not your realtor.

Most people buying real estate in Batumi are looking for vacation properties they can use from time to time, while the rest of the time the property is generating rental income. Our objective is to be your partner through this multi-year journey.

We can help you find the property that offers the most value for your budget. Our legal team can review any agreements to make sure you are getting the best terms possible. We will guide you through the registration process to ensure the properly is safely and legally registered in your name. We can assist with appraisals, setting up utility accounts, internet, television, and even applying for residency. We are more than realtors; we aim to be your trusted friend and advisor through your entire real estate journey in Batumi

Real estate consultant - batumi
Real Estate Consultant – Batumi

Important Lessons

If you are looking for a rental income property in Batumi, let us give you some free advice. Throughout the years we have managed rental properties throughout Batumi on sites like Airbnb and even our own booking portal From this experience we have learned two important lessons that make all the difference between a successful rental property and a property that produces less than desired results.


The properties we manage that earn the most rental income are 100% unique. They do not look like any other apartment in Batumi. When a property looks too similar to other properties, the only advantage for attracting renters is to have a lower rental price than the other similar properties.


Every property we have managed in the same building as a branded hotel has produced less than average results. This is because the branded hotel is the dominant competitor in the same building. Properties just across the street in their own unique space with their own unique design and appeal generate much better rental rates and occupancy.

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Quality is a Multiplier

Buildings are built with different standards and craftsmanship. Finishing materials such as tile, wall coverings, cabinetry, appliances and electronics vary widely in features and dependability. Workers have varying degrees of skills, training, and experience.

A property that looks amazing to the eye can actually be hiding undesirable materials and workmanship, which can be costly headaches for the future owner.

Through many years inspecting properties, our team has developed a robust method to ensure our clients purchase properties of good quality and value for their budget.

Quality will always act as a multiplier to your happiness and success. Before you purchase a property in Batumi, let our team of expert real estate inspectors, architects, engineers, and appraisers give you an evaluation first.

If you are looking for real estate in Batumi, let’s talk. Our mission is to deliver the best quality, best value, and most positive experience possible when you own real estate in Batumi.