Everything from apartment remodels to fully ground-up builds in Batumi.

Quality Delivered

With an uncompromised focus on quality, Ruebush Group provides general construction, project management, estimating, and skilled craftsmanship that will exceed your expectations.

From 2013, we have delivered a wide range of construction services ranging from simple bathroom or kitchen upgrades to full-scale ground up site development. Our team of highly skilled, trained, educated, and experienced professionals provide top-notch work with a constant eye on safety, quality, and excellent value for your investment.

Whether you need us to make a simple upgrade, gut and remodel your apartment, implement a design plan on a newly constructed property, or construct an entire building, we are ready to serve your needs.


Professional Execution

A successful construction project requires detailed, professional planning and execution. Each project should be divided into several phases. These include needs analysis, cost estimates, site planning, permits & technical documents, master works, project management and consulting throughout construction.

Your space is more than just concrete, tiles, and paint. Within the walls lay the foundations of efficiency, dependability, and long-term value for your money. Our team understands this and has the trained, experienced professionals to deliver quality at every stage. From interior walls to electrical systems, heating, cooling and plumbing, all the way through wallpaper, cabinetry and furniture, you deserve the very best quality and dependability for your investment.

Our team of trained, skilled, experienced master craftsmen are waiting to turn your vision for your space into reality.

Master electrician - batumi - ruebush group
Master Electrician – Batumi – Ruebush Group
Master artist - wall painting - ruebush group - batumi
Master Artist – Wall Painting – Ruebush Group – Batumi

Passion in the Details

A truly great space is revealed in the smallest details. Throughout the years we have delivered various completed projects to our clients and the resounding feedback is an appreciation for our passion in the details.

We have an expansive team of carpenters who truly love their work and pour their hearts and souls into every project. From mold and moisture prevention in walls, to ensuring smooth and level surfaces, to precise spacing between tiles, to lining up wallpaper perfectly, to laser measured cabinet installations, our team certifies every task is completed beyond your expectations.

We have several teams that have worked together for many years. The low turnover in our construction staff ensures our teams are cohesive, experienced, knowledgeable and passionate. But more importantly, they are happy and proud of their work. By the time your project is completed, you will feel like it has become the team’s baby.


We offer authentic and transparent pricing. We earn a flat 15% overhead fee on each project. So, the “price per meter” is 100% in your hands. The general practice in the industry is to quote around $500 per meter and force all materials and labor to fit into $250 per meter. We do things differently. We work with you to select the materials and craftsmanship that fit into your project budget. We charge an honest and transparent fee of 15% on the total cost of the materials and labor for your project. There are no hidden fees, costs, or agendas. Everything is documented and fully transparent from the beginning of the project until completion and delivery.

Kitchen cabinet installation - batumi - ruebush group
Kitchen Cabinet Installation – Batumi – Ruebush Group

If you are you looking for remodeling, renovation, or other construction services in Batumi, let’s talk. Our team of skilled, professional craftsmen are waiting to turn your vision into reality.