Family Rooms For SalE In Seaside Park Hotel

Buy a share, multiple shares, or an entire Family Room

Family rooms are designed to sleep up to 5 adults in a king-sized bed, a twin bed and a sleeper sofa. We are projecting each Family room will earn 12% to 18% net yearly return on investment, after all deductions for expenses and taxes.

Purchase Options


PRICE: $121,000

Buy an entire Family room and keep all the rental income for yourself. Enjoy 30 days of free vacation stays every year.


PRICE: $6,050 per share

There are 20 shares per room. Buy 1 share or more of a Family room and get your fair share of the rental income. Enjoy 2 free days of vacation stays for every share you own.

Payment Options


3% discount for payment in full if you buy 10 or more shares of a Family room AND pay the entire purchase price within 7 days of the day you sign the purchase agreement.


If you buy an entire room, you may finance the purchase with up to 24 monthly installments so long as you make an initial payment of 30% of the purchase price within 7 days of the day you sign the purchase agreement.

ROI Projections



Yearly Income

$726 to $1089

Yearly ROI


Over the past 5 calendar years, properties managed by Ruebush Group have generated an average of 13.32% ROI each year for investors, through rental income alone. This does NOT count the growth in resale values, but this DOES include 2 years of global pandemic.

On hotel rooms, we split the daily rental income 50/50 with investors. 50% of the revenue generated from nightly bookings goes to Ruebush Group. The other 50% is divided among the investors in proportion to each of their investments.

You have ZERO burden of operational expenses, maintenance, or upgrades because Ruebush Group takes 100% of the responsibility for all costs associated with marketing, operating, maintaining, upgrading, and even insuring the property.

Another amazing benefit of this investment is that the income tax on rental income is only 10% in the country of Georgia.

You have a very solid and dependable projected yearly return on investment through rental income, AND you keep more of your own money due to very low taxes in our country.

Invest with us today and earn 12% to 18% yearly ROI through rental income alone!

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