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Co-Investment Properties

Invest in real estate in batumi - midtown penthouse

Invest Alongside Us

Don’t invest all alone. We use our own money to buy and upgrade properties with huge potential. Then, we sell up to 80% co-ownership share in the property to investors like you. You invest, we do all the rest. We have our own money in the property along with you, so we are extremely motivated to care for it and make it earn the most rental income possible.


Buy an Apartment

The most common type of real estate for sale in Batumi are residential apartments. In our opinion, the best way to buy an apartment in Batumi is to buy an unfinished unit which can be finished to your taste. Whether you are seeking unfinished, turnkey new construction, or a second-hand resale property, we will help you find the best quality and value for your budget.


Hotel rooms for sale in ruebush gardens hotel

Buy a Hotel Room

Many people buying real estate in Batumi are seeking a hands-free passive income investment. In our opinion, the best option for this type of investment is a luxury hotel room in a fully managed hotel operated by a professional hotel/hospitality company. These types of properties can provide dependable monthly income along with free vacation nights throughout the year.


Choosing the right real estate consultant is the most important decision you will make. Ruebush Group has been delivering years of top-level results while progressively raising our own bar. The team’s combined experience provides a level of representation and negotiation skill set that consistently outpaces goals and expectations.

If you are looking for property in Batumi, let’s talk. Our mission is to deliver the best quality, best value, and most positive experience possible when you own property in Batumi.