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Learn About Co-Investing in Real Estate

How to create passive cash flow from short-term rentals

How to Create Passive Cash Flow from Short-Term Rentals

Many people think traditional real estate investing is the best way to generate passive income and create financial freedom. It’s not. Short-term rentals are way better.

Fractional airbnb ownership

Fractional Airbnb Ownership

Airbnb has taken the real estate investment world by storm. Our unique fractional Airbnb ownership program is where profitable meets affordable.

Can you really buy a hotel room?

Can You Really Buy a Hotel Room?

Yes, you can really buy a hotel room and own it. Investing in hotel rooms is a fun and rewarding way to earn passive income and get free vacations.

What is fractional real estate investing

What is Fractional Real Estate Investing

Fractional real estate investing is an affordable way to invest in extremely profitable short-term rental real estate. Diversification with a low barrier of entry.

How co-ownership works for real estate investing

How Co-Ownership Works for Real Estate Investing

Co-ownership real estate investing is gathering investors together to acquire lucrative real estate normally be unattainable for each individual investor.

Invest in hotel rooms in batumi

Invest in Hotel Rooms in Batumi

We make it fun and affordable to invest in hotel rooms. You can earn dependable passive income every month and get free vacation nights every year.

Why invest in batumi real estate

Why Invest in Batumi Real Estate

You should invest in Batumi real estate because it is cost-effective, safe and friendly environment, no property tax, low income tax, growing property values, etc.

Why choose ruebush group

Why Choose Ruebush Group

Ruebush Group is a family-owned boutique real estate agency with a track-record of delivering results. We strive to exceed your expectations.

Co-ownership property investing

Co-Ownership Property Investing

Learn why co-ownership property investing is the modern way to buy and own lucrative hotel room investments to build wealth and passive income.


Choosing the right real estate consultant is the most important decision you will make. Ruebush Group has been delivering years of top-level results while progressively raising our own bar. The team’s combined experience provides a level of representation and negotiation skill set that consistently outpaces goals and expectations.

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