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Co-Living Co-Working Capsule Hotel

Located in the center of the Batumi Old City, this unique complex offers co-living, co-working, dining and entertainment in abundance.

  • Opening in 2024
  • 21 Premium Sleeping Capsules
  • Co-Working / Co-Living Spaces
  • Dining / Entertainment Spaces
  • Smart Profitable Investment
  • Professionally Managed by Ruebush Group
Reception - jellyfish co-living capsule hotel batumi

Located in the building above our already famous Popeye Craft Bar, this co-living co-working capsule hotel is sure to be extremely popular with tourists, expats, and digital nomads.

In 2022 Georgia established a “Digital Nomad” program where people who work online (programmers, IT support, bloggers, writers, etc.) can live and work in Georgia and only pay 1% taxes on their income. This has spurred a rapid growth in the number of online workers spending one or more months at a time in Georgia.

In order to capitalize on the boom in IT and other online remote working populations, and to offer an “upscale” environment to tourists who would normally stay in a hostel, we decided to create the Jellyfish Co-Living Co-Working Capsule Hotel.

The hotel boasts numerous sleeping capsules, male and female showers and restrooms, shared restrooms, conference rooms, hot desks, semi-permanent desks, permanent desks, team co-working spaces, entertainment and relaxing zones, full-service reception, a full-service cafe, coffee shop, and access to our extremely popular Popeye Craft Bar.

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Ruebush Group has an investment vehicle available where you can earn 18.18% GUARANTEED Yearly ROI by investing along with us in the development of hospitality real estate and services like Jellyfish Co-Living Co-Working Capsule Hotel and other hospitality services.

Would you like to learn more about investing in Batumi along with Ruebush Group? Let’s talk.