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Simple & Rewarding

You no longer have to be a multi-millionaire to enjoy the benefits of owning a highly profitable hotel. We have co-ownership investments from $5000 and up and full ownership investments from $40,000 and up.


We develop luxury hotels, restaurants, and other properties. The ownership of each property is held by investors though a unique co-ownership program. The portion of the actual real estate you purchase is registered fully in your name with all legal rights and titles.


You own the real estate, we manage it. As an owner you can enjoy the property any time you wish. Stay free in your hotel or dine in your restaurant with owner's discounts and privileges. Give free stays or food and beverage discounts to your friends and family.


Earn your portion of the income generated by the hotels, restaurants, bars, or other properties you have invested in. Every month, we distribute the earnings from each property to the investors according to their share of the ownership of the real estate.

The early bird gets the worm

Tourism recovery accelerating
It is no secret that tourism suffered in 2020 and 2021 putting enormous pressure on hotels and other travel related businesses. Fortunately, our company has no debt and we were financially capable of weathering the storm. Tourism is recovering and will boom again. We are ready to take advantage of this fact, and so should you.
Nations all over the world are working to reboot their economies. A great majority of countries depend on tourism and international trade for their economic development. Over the next few years we expect travel to recover to pre-pandemic levels and then explode. Every major global catastrophe in history has been followed by a decade or more of growth and prosperity. So if history is any indicator, the travel and tourism industries are poised for explosive upward growth in the upcoming years. How can you take advantage of this? By co-owning hotels and other hospitality real estate BEFORE the explosion happens.

We sell ownership in hotel rooms, restaurants, bars, and other travel related properties. Owning hotels used to be a privilege reserved for multi-millionaires, but we have made this lucrative type of investment accessible to anyone, with any budget. Let’s face it. It sure is cool to tell your friends you own a luxury hotel. And it is even cooler watching the money flow into your bank account. Buy a hotel room today!

Forget Timeshares. Co-Ownership Property Investing is Much Better

With Ruebush Group you actually own real property, not just a block of time. You can use the property any time you want and earn monthly income. And resale? It’s fast and streamlined, and you set the price.
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David Ruebush

David Ruebush

Founder & Director
With decades of experience in the hospitality industry from the USA through Europe, David has developed a unique flavor of American/Georgian service that is proving to be extremely successful for investors.

Why invest with us?

During the past 10 years people who invested with us earned an average of 330% MORE each year than people who invested with other developers or property managers in Batumi.

Want to learn more about our co-ownership investing model or other real estate investment options? Contact one of our agents today.

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