CozyChic Airbnb Apartment for Sale in Batumi



Income ROI: 21.64% per year

Projection based on 2023 actual results



Resale: $11,800 (in 5 years)

Growth ROI: 14.47% per year

Projected based on past actual results

Opening in 2024, this premium class Airbnb apartment is right next to the biggest casino in Batumi, a large shopping mall, a riverside retreat, and a beautiful seaside park. You can buy shares in this valuable property and earn dependable monthly income while your real estate asset grows in value. Stay for free any time you like.

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Cozychic apartment for sale in batumi

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Online 2024

Size: 52.6 m2 (566.2 ft2)
Sleeps 3 adults
Bathroom with shower

Earn Yearly: $1,300
Investment: $6,000
Resale: $11,800 (in 5 years)

Total Shares: 20
Shares Sold: 16
Shares Available: 4

Co-Invest Alongside Ruebush Group

Build your income generating real estate portfolio by investing with Ruebush Group in this profitable Airbnb apartment. It has never been easier to buy Airbnb property. There are 20 co-ownership shares available in this luxury income property. 16 shares are available for investment. The remaining 4 shares will be owned by Ruebush Group as your investment partner. Because we own 20% of the property, it is in our own interest to ensure it is always booked and generating maximum income. Rental income is distributed to each investor every month. If you wish to exit the investment, you can sell your share at any time for the current market value, and we even offer a buy-back option to ensure your profitable exit.

What Do You Get?

Full Legal Ownership

When you buy a share in this Airbnb property through our co-investment program, we register the actual real estate in your name with the government. You are the full, legal owner of the property with all ownership rights.

Expert Partner

Ruebush Group is the leading Airbnb management company in Batumi. We have a wealth of experience managing the most profitable real estate in Batumi. We ensure your investment earns maximum profits.

Monthly Income

Every month your fair share of the income from the rental property goes to your bank account. We distribute the earnings equally among all the investors in the property.

Resale Profits

Any time you want to sell, just let us know. You will get current market value and keep all the profits. We even offer a buy-back option to ensure safety in down markets.

Ruebush group

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