Over the past 9 YEARS our investors have received an average of 13.6% NET return on investment every year through booking income PLUS the market value of their rooms have increased an average of 11.5% per year.


WHY? During the 2020 pandemic, the hospitality industry was hit hard. Travel decreased dramatically, causing many properties and hotel operators to come into distress.

This means there are OPPORTUNITIES everywhere!

We believe global tourism will begin to rebound in 2021 and by 2023 international travel will be BOOMING again. This means NOW is the best time to GET IN EARLY while property values are lower and the upside potential is HUGE.

feature best time to invest
Buy all or part of a luxury hotel room today and earn daily booking income!


▷ Buy 1 or more shares of a hotel room

For $250/month you can buy a share of a luxury hotel room. Each room has 10 shares. You can buy as many shares as you want and own part of the room or all of the room. 5% discount for multiple shares and 10% if you pay all at once.

▷ Guaranteed monthly income

We believe in protecting the investments of each one of our clients, no matter the size of their investment. So we guarantee your monthly income for 99 years, starting January 1, 2021. Even before the hotel opens its doors to guests!

▷ Buy-back guarantee on all investments

Our buy-back guarantee is valid on investments across the board. Besides guaranteeing monthly income, we also warrant to buy back your share for more than the original price, as long as you hold your investment for at least 3 years.

▷ Register the title deed in your name

Your investment is secure, and the title deed is registered in your name at the public service hall after you pay 100% of the value of your share.

▷ Share in the revenue of the entire hotel

You get your share of the revenue of the whole hotel. We split the nightly booking income with all investors, and we take responsibility for ALL EXPENSES.

▷ Get a free holiday every year

You get 3 free vacation nights per year, PER SHARE. And additional nights at 20% discount. In ANY of Ruebush Hospitality Group hotels!

Invest Today!

River Park Render 5.1

River Park Hotel

Rooms from $60,000, with monthly payments as low as $250

This luxury hotel has 360 magnificent rooms with panoramic sea, mountain, and city views. A conference center, meeting rooms, fitness center, spa, indoor/outdoor swimming pool, and incredible rooftop recreational area are only a few of the amenities.

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Ruebush Gardens Hotel

Rooms from $96,000 with monthly payments as low as $400

64 luxury rooms with panoramic views of the Black Sea, surrounded by the lavish greenery of the world-famous Batumi Botanical Gardens. Concierge, conference room, fitness center, health SPA, outdoor recreational area, wedding facilities.

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The Midtown Hotel

Rooms from $72,000 with monthly payments as low as $300

The Midtown Hotel is a posh urban hotel in the center of the city. It features a restaurant, meeting rooms, and an incredible rooftop terrace. It is perfect for tourists, business travelers, and locals alike. It is only a few minutes walking distance from everything important in Batumi.

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Black Sea Blue Hotel

Rooms from $150,000 with monthly payments as low as $625

This boutique hotel is the definition of luxury.  From the marble counter tops, and hardwood floors, to the plush pillows and carpets, every millimetre of this property has been planned with exquisite detail. It features an upscale bar on the 35th floor, and a fine dining restaurant.

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Location, Location, Location

Invest in one of our projects in Batumi

Invest in Batumi

Recently named "Europe’s Leading Emerging Tourism Destination" at the World Awards ceremony, and rated one of the “Best European Cities to Invest in for 2020” by Forbes, Batumi has a wealth of reasons why you should seriously consider investing.

With its stable, business-friendly environment, association agreement with the EU, flat/low taxes, excellent incentives for investors, liberal economic legislation, and strategic geographic location, it is no question why every major hotel chain on earth has made, or is currently developing, an investment in Batumi.

We are currently developing 6 boutique and lifestyle projects in this extremely profitable market.

Different as they are, our projects have all been created with the big picture in mind. Their facilities support each other, and create a network of lodging, dining, culture and entertainment that can keep visitors engaged and entertained for a longer stay.

Our boutique properties vary in style to cater to specific demographics, and all of them are contained to a small number of rooms to ensure the highest possible yields for our hotel room investors.

Being an owner of a hotel room provides you with transparent reporting, and since your profit is not dependent on the occupancy of your particular room – a stable income. 

What our clients say

I have been an investor with this Company for a long period, and I can wholeheartedly say this is the best and most professional company in Batumi and maybe even in all of Georgia. I can say they have delivered beyond my expectations.

Thomas G, Tel Aviv, Israel
Thomas G
Tel Aviv, Israel

I highly recommend to invest in Ruebush Hospitality projects! They are very professional and creative group! Every property has unique character, high quality and the best views!

Aphina Martley, Irvine, California
Aphina Martley
Irvine, California

I definitely recommend you all to invest in Ruebush Hospitality Group projects in Batumi. After completing a few investments I can say this company is one of the best in town.

Nabil Najjar, Beirut, Lebanon
Nabil Najjar
Beirut, Lebanon

Like many people, it's a tough decision to invest in emerging markets. After my first investment, I took a trip to Batumi this past summer to see for myself. Glad I did. Ruebush Hospitality is the only group I would trust for these investments.

Brian Armstrong, Satellite Beach, Florida
Brian Armstrong
Satellite Beach, Florida

Ruebush Hospitality Group is the only company in Georgia that can take care of the whole process from A to Z and manage properties with a North American efficiency! After one year I can endorse them without any reservation.

Didier deNice, Nice, France
Didier deNice
Nice, France

I can highly recommend Ruebush Hospitality as the go-to real estate investment company for those interested in investing in Georgia. They have assembled a highly professional, ethical, and extremely competent team who made the whole process easy and safe.

Paul Budny, Paris, France
Paul Budny
Paris, France

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