River Park

Luxury Hotel in Batumi Georgia

Beach. Mountains. Fun.

Located in the hottest developing tourist destination in the region, right next to a beautiful river, and a few minutes walk from the Black Sea, this luxurious hotel is amazing. The building is designed for vacationers. There is a beach only a few minutes away, a huge indoor/outdoor pool, full size fitness center, climbing wall on the entire back of the building, miniature golf, volleyball, rooftop activities and entertainment, hiking and biking trails, sea, mountains, and plenty of fun. There are 360 rooms in this amazing property, which gives you ample opportunities to invest and earn steady monthly profits.

The distinctive advantages of this hotel include a spectacular modern design, developed infrastructure, and location in close proximity to the sea, tropical mountains, bars, cafes, restaurants, and numerous activities like rock climbing, parasailing, biking, golf, fitness, and yoga. Your room also features the latest technology and modern construction, along with 24 hour room service and concierge.

11.88% Yearly ROI*

This hotel is designed for all types of tourists from singles to couples to families and groups. We have many years experience successfully operating hotels and project daily occupancy and nightly booking rates that should produce above average returns for investors.

*projections are assumptions based on our historical performance and market outlook and are not a guarantee of future results


From the fresh and modern design, to the super comfortable linens and mattresses, every aspect of this hotel has been thoughtfully planned to deliver the most wonderful and luxurious experience possible.


With all types of excursions and activities, incredible indoor/outdoor pool, business centers, conference rooms, concierge, restaurants and bars, and an incredible rooftop entertainment zone, guests will revel in the pampering they receive during their perfect stay at River Park Hotel.

Investing in hotel rooms is VERY affordable and VERY profitable!

Investing Options

To reap the rewards of owning a profitable hotel, you might think you need millions of dollars. Maybe in the past, but now, we make investing within reach of anyone.

  • Rooms from $30 000
  • Low initial payment
  • Low monthly payments without interest

Investing Benefits

Besides telling your friends and family you own a luxury hotel in Europe, you can take them there and see the look in their eyes when you are treated like you own the place.

  • Profits paid out monthly
  • Sell your room later for a profit
  • Personal usage rights
Financial freedom comes through

Passive Income

There is nothing more satisfying than knowing you have a steady stream of income flowing into your bank account every month, even when you are on vacation. Let us show you how affordable and profitable it is to invest in hotel rooms. Our friendly team of Investment Advisors is waiting to hear from you today!

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