Unit 414

Luxury Apartment for Sale


  • Opening in 2026
  • 20% initial payment
  • 36 monthly payments without interest
  • Discounts for full payment
  • Premium Class Airbnb Apartment
  • Smart Profitable Investment
  • Professionally Managed by Ruebush Group

Sq Meters




Yearly Income


*16.93% Projected Yearly



*172.3% Projected in 5 years

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Invest with Ruebush Group


Build your income generating real estate portfolio by investing with Ruebush Group in our proven real estate investing system. It has never been easier to buy Airbnb property. This luxury income property is available for outright ownership. From 2013 Ruebush Group has operated the most profitable and highest occupancy daily rental Airbnb properties in Batumi. You buy and own the apartment outright and Ruebush Group does everything else. We list and book the property. We greet your guests and keep the place spotless and well maintained. We are the #1 rated Airbnb property management company in Georgia. If you want to own an extremely profitable daily rental property that continues to grow in resale value, invest with Ruebush Group.

What Do You Get?

Full Legal Ownership

When you buy this Airbnb property through our investment program, we register the actual real estate in your name with the government. You are the full, legal owner of the property with all ownership rights.

Expert Manager

Ruebush Group is the leading Airbnb management company in Batumi. We have a wealth of experience managing the most profitable real estate in Batumi. We ensure your investment earns maximum profits.

Monthly Income

Every month your daily rental income from the Airbnb property goes to your bank account. We provide transparent access to all booking calendars and revenue reports.

Resale Profits

Any time you want to sell, just let us know. You will get current market value and keep all the profits. We even offer a buy-back option to ensure safety in down markets.

Would you like to learn more about investing in Rhapsody Airbnb Property Collection? Let’s talk.