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There are thousands of apartments for sale in Batumi today. We want to help you find the perfect one and negotiate the best deal possible.

Buy an Apartment in Batumi

There are many reasons people are looking to buy an apartment in Batumi. Some are looking for a great value on a place they can use from time to time as a second home or vacation property. Others are seeking their primary residence. The great majority of people are looking for rental income properties they can also use from time to time during their own holiday.

We have access to thousands of apartments for sale in Batumi, from black frame projects to newly finished buildings to 2nd hand apartments to old historic heritage properties and more. We also have many exclusive “pocket listings” you cannot find through any other realtor or property listing site.

Our real estate consultants are waiting to meet you. Let’s have a coffee or tea and discuss your ideal apartment. We want to know what you are seeking, why, and your visions for the property. We will hand curate several options for you to see in person and make the process enjoyable.


Seasoned Experience

Our real estate consultants have been working in the Batumi real estate market since 2013. Many of our consultants came to Georgia from abroad and went through the same process of finding an apartment, negotiating a deal, and buying the property themselves. So, we personally understand your journey.

We know buying an apartment in Batumi is a personal experience. It can even be daunting. Our seasoned and experienced staff can help you confidently make a great decision that results in a fun, exciting, and rewarding experience.

From 2013 we have learned a lot about Batumi. We understand what makes one location better than another. We understand why a certain building is more attractive than the next one. We understand who is offering real quality and value and who is not. Spend a little time with one of our seasoned experts and get a little free advice. We want you to make the best choice with your money.

Studio apartment for sale in batumi
Studio Apartment in Batumi

Diverse Team

Choosing the right real estate consultant is the most important decision you will make. Ruebush Group has been delivering years of top-level results while progressively raising our own bar. The team’s combined experience provides a level of representation and negotiation skill set that consistently outpaces goals and expectations.

If you are looking at apartments for sale in Batumi, let’s talk. Our mission is to deliver the best quality, best value, and most positive experience possible when you buy an apartment in Batumi.