Our Team
Passionate about Service


Our core values are quality, respect and service. So we only hire people who are the embodiment of these values. Our team are hand-picked because they are the very best in Georgia in their areas of expertise. There is nobody else in the entire country more capable of being your winning partner.

You NEED to partner with us!

Executive Team
David Ruebush
Founder & Director
Vaso Trofimov
Director of Development
Sophie Megreladze
Director of Administration
Corporate Office
Ia Surmanidze
Chief Financial Officer
Omar Nakashidze
Accounting & Finance
Kate Gubaeva
Procurement & Logistics
Nana Beridze
Construction Coordinator
Ninna Sharidze
Head of Communications
Irina Vallat
Head of Food & Beverage
Ajara Life Magazine
Mehdi Maasoomi
Publisher / Editor
Aphina Martley
Head of Magazine
Izabella Dumbadze
Client Relations
Lasha Tedoradze
Project Manager
Maksym Malieiev
Site Manager
Maksym Dolia
Site Manager
Maxo Jincharadze
Materials & Equipment Manager
Food & Beverage
Elene Kakabadze
Executive Chef
Giga Simonishvili
Sous Chef
Asenka Kim
Non-Alcohol Operations
Sasha Nadelina
Alcohol Beverage Operations
Guest Services
Rezi Vacheishvili
Head of Guest Services
Eka Gogitidze
Head of Housekeeping
Investor Relations
Elene Putkaradze
Head of Investor Relations
Larry Strawson
Investment Advisor
Temur Diasamidze
Investment Advisor
Invest in Hotel Rooms

We created a modern way for you to build your vacation rental real estate portfolio by investing in luxury hotel co-ownership. This is a fun and rewarding way for you to earn monthly rental income while enjoying the benefits of being a luxury hotel owner. This type of asset is normally reserved for wealthy people, until now. Our simplified system puts luxury hotel ownership in the reach of anyone. You don't have to be a multi-millionaire to own this extremely lucrative and valuable real estate, fully registered in your name. You own it. We manage it. A truly hands-free investment.

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