Why Us?

Ruebush Hospitality Group has a long-term track record delivering good return on investment.

Quality & Service

Since 2013 we have operated some of the most successful properties in Batumi.

Over 20% average yearly return on investment
According to AirDNA, AirBNB, and Booking.com we operate #1, #2, #3, #4, and #5 of the top 5 most profitable properties in Batumi. If you are thinking about investing in real estate in Batumi, it is extremely important to align yourself with a management partner who can ensure your success. We don't just make casual claims, we can prove our success through data, awards and rankings on numerous 3rd party sites such as AirDNA.co, AllTheRooms Anayltics, Airbnb, Booking.com and more. If you are looking at property in Batumi, ask the seller to show you their actual historic results from 3rd party sites. Since we manage many of the top properties in Batumi, we are always proud to show our actual results.

Let's Look at Actual Data

Let's compare the performance of Ruebush Group against the average rental property in Batumi over the past 3 years. To keep things simple, we will compare all our studio and 1 bedroom rental units against all studio and 1 bedroom rental apartments in Batumi.
What does official 3rd party data show? It shows that people who invested with Ruebush Group earned 330% more during the past 3 years than people who did not. Our average occupancy rate AND our average nightly rate are better than most properties in the market. This is because we deliver exceptional quality and service.

Over the past 3 years, the average apartment in Batumi has earned $2690 per year, for a total earnings of $8069. The average unit managed by Ruebush Group has earned $8894 per year, for a total earnings of $26681 during the same 3 years.
Don't invest blind. Anyone thinking about investing in vacation rental real estate should spend $20 to get real market data. Don't just take our word or the word of any building company or property manager at face value. Companies such as AirDNA, and AllTheRooms are excellent sources of real market information. For about $20 you can get the actual data on management companies, occupancy, and nightly rates for any city you are thinking to invest in. For only $20 you can verify the information we show on this page is real and accurate.
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