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Free vacations and passive monthly rental income.


We Sell Hotel Rooms

Owning hotels used to be a privilege reserved for millionaires. We have made this lucrative type of investment accessible to anyone, with any budget. Owning a real estate asset that generates income for you while you sleep is pretty cool, but let’s face it. It is much cooler to tell your friends you own a luxury hotel. And it is even cooler watching the money flow into your bank account. Read below to learn the many reasons you should invest in hotel rooms today.

Invest in hotel rooms for passive income
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Monthly Income

Every month your share of the nightly booking income from the ENTIRE hotel goes directly to your bank account.

Free Vacation

Any time you need a holiday, you can stay for FREE at any of our hotels and enjoy all the services and amenities.

Secure Investment

The title deed for the real estate is registered at the government land office in your name with full ownership rights.



The best way to find financial freedom and wealth is to make intelligent moves with your money that result in assets which generate consistent income. One of the most intelligent moves a person can make with their money is to invest in a proven market on the upswing. The hotel industry has been around for thousands of years. 1 out of 5 jobs on earth are related to travel and tourism. Hotels make up the backbone of the travel and tourism industry. So, they are in a market that has been proven to produce wealth for thousands of years. Recently, due to the global Covid-19 pandemic, this industry has been down. But now it is surging again.

Which is why NOW is the best time to invest in hotel rooms.

A recent survey showed that over 80% of people with the financial capability plan to travel within the next 3 to 6 months. Our world economies are interconnected. Global trade, education, art, finance, innovation and more all contribute to a world-wide dependency on travel. When you add to it an ever-growing desire for international leisure, you understand the hotel room industry is continuously in a state of upward growth.

It is smart to invest in hotel rooms today, while travel is rebounding. Wise investors are already making moves to own properties that will be in high demand from an ever-growing population that is moving around the world more and more each year. Truly intelligent investors understand that NOW is the time to invest in hotel rooms because there is a constant and growing wave of demand.

Own a hotel room


Looking for a great investment? Hotel rooms can boast higher occupancy rates and greater monthly returns than regular condominiums or Airbnb style rentals. With investments starting at $5,000 we make it affordable for almost anyone to invest in hotel rooms in Batumi.


In 2013, our founder, David Ruebush had saved up $20,000 and wanted to invest it wisely. He worked as a computer programmer and business executive for many years, but his dream, his passion was to own his own business in the hospitality industry. He wanted to welcome guests and watch them have wonderful experiences and delightful vacations.

David ruebush - director - ruebush hospitality group

So, he invested in a small studio apartment and put it on Airbnb. Today, Ruebush Hospitality Group has millions of dollars in real estate assets and developments, we own and operate hotels, guest houses, vacation properties, restaurants, bars, and more.

Every year we host thousands of guests from all around the world. We have thousands of perfect 5-star reviews on booking channels and travel sites. We are an extremely successful hospitality company. Even during 2020 and 2021, when most hotels and restaurants experienced 80% to 90% decreases, we only had a minor impact on our business. We not only survived, we grew our business. And now, we are already roaring ahead with over 90% occupancy and daily growth in sales revenue.

This is all because, from the very top down, we are PASSIONATE about hospitality. Our founder always says “I LOVE HOTELS” and he means it. Nobody on earth dreams of welcoming guests and watching families, groups, couples, and individuals, all smiling with joy, more than David. He truly lives and loves hospitality. And THIS is the #1 reason you should invest in hotel rooms with us today!

The best way to ensure your success is to team up with a winner. David is a winner. He turned $20,000 into $millions in hotel and vacation property assets in under 10 years because he LOVES the hospitality industry. And he is just getting started. You need to invest in hotel rooms with him. There is NOBODY on earth that will work harder or smarter for you than the team of winners at Ruebush Hospitality Group. Hundreds of investors are earning money every single month through our successful hotels, and we would love for you to join us.

How it Works

Select a Hotel Room

Entire hotel rooms, or even shares of hotel rooms are available for any budget.

Sign & Pay

The property is registered fully in your name with outright ownership.

Earn Money

Every month your share of the income from the ENTIRE hotel is deposited to your bank account.

Hotel rooms for sale

Right Price, Right Location


Buying a hotel used to be an extremely expensive investment made only by very wealthy people. According to data reported by Hotel News Resource and Fixr, the average cost of constructing a 100-room luxury hotel is $30,700,000 (26,891,819 Euro). The average hotel room is 30 square meters, and rooms generally make up 80% of the total construction space in a hotel. This means the construction costs of an average 30 square meter luxury hotel room is $245,600 (215,135 Euro), or $8187 (7171 Euro) per square meter. The resale value for a successful luxury hotel can be much higher.

Major hotel investors do extensive research before committing millions of dollars to a project. Some of the most important factors are consistent growth in daily travelers to the area, confidence in future growth in traveler numbers, ability to reduce construction costs, tax and other incentives for investment, and strong evidence of increasing demand outpacing supply.

These are all reasons Ruebush Hospitality Group is currently developing 3 luxury boutique hotels in Batumi on the Black Sea in the country of Georgia. We will let you buy one or more rooms, or even shares of rooms in one of our hotels and earn substantial profits.

When you invest in hotel rooms in Batumi, you will pay only 5% income tax on your earnings. You will not pay ANY yearly property taxes. You will not pay ANY capital gains taxes when you resell your property, as long as you own it at least 2 years. The country has a fixed VAT of 18% which is passed on to guests in the nightly rate. So, essentially, you pay a MAXIMUM of 5% in taxes owning luxury boutique hotel rooms in Batumi.

Excluding 2020, Georgia has increased international guest arrivals by over 10% every single year for more than 10 years. Foreign business investment, education, arts, trade, and tourism are all drivers of double digit growth in arrivals every year. In 2019 Georgia welcomed more than 9 million travelers, a steady increase from 2 million arrivals in 2015. One of the fastest growing cities in Georgia is Batumi because it has so much to offer and recently Forbes Magazine named Batumi as one of the top 10 places to invest in Europe. There are so many factors pointing to Batumi as an excellent place to invest that every single brand name hotel chain on earth is either already in Batumi, or currently constructing in Batumi. Huge multi-billion dollar brands do not invest tens of millions of dollars without a reason.

We are constructing 3 luxury boutique hotels in Batumi because it is an incredible place to invest for many reasons. We project double digit yearly returns on investment for many, many years to come. And you can participate. When it comes to investing in real estate, the most important factor is location, location location. We are certain you cannot find a better location on earth right now than Batumi.

The next most important factor when it comes to investing in real estate is entry price. The average price to construct a luxury hotel in Europe is $8187 per square meter. However, due to lower costs of materials, labor and other factors, the average price to construct a luxury hotel in Batumi is $2000 (1313 Euro) per square meter. The upward momentum in tourism and business travel points to a massive upward momentum in prices and values over time.

In Batumi there are construction companies selling turn-key residential apartments for $1000 (876 Euro) to $3000 (2625 Euro) per square meter. These are residential apartments that will never have the income potential or resale price growth of a luxury boutique hotel room because they are not in the same category of investment real estate.Residential apartments are NOT commercial property and they generally are constructed FAR cheaper and using MUCH lower quality materials and labor.

By comparison, we have 5-Star luxury boutique hotel rooms available in the same price range developers are selling residential property. And we even offer low monthly payments to make investing even more affordable. When you invest in a luxury hotel room with us, you invest in a commercial property that has the potential to earn substantially higher yearly rental profits than a similar sized apartment. You invest in a property that is much better in quality in every single aspect. You invest in a property that will have a much better potential for resale profits than a residential apartment. Our luxury boutique hotels can make it extremely profitable to invest in hotel rooms in Batumi. Especially when you invest at the right price in the right location.


Is the Hotel Open?

We do have properties already in operation, but most of our hotel rooms available for investment are currently under construction. Generally our hotels are in various stages and will be open anywhere from a few months to a few years from now. The best time to invest is when we first announce a project because you can buy the room for the lowest price and it will increase in value substantially during construction. We normally sell all the rooms in a hotel long before the hotel opens. When a hotel is open, rooms come available for sale from time to time as other investors decide to sell. Fill out the form below to speak with one of our investment advisors and learn where we currently have hotel rooms available for purchase.

Where are your hotels located?

At this time we are constructing hotels in Batumi which is located on the Black Sea in the country of Georgia. Batumi has been named by Forbes Magazine as one of the top 10 best cities to invest in Europe. Low taxes, stable government, double digit tourism growth every year, and double digit population growth every year are just a few of the reasons we are focused on Batumi at this time. We think there is no better place on earth to invest in hotel rooms than Batumi right now. Which is probably why every single major hotel brand on the planet earth are also currently developing projects in Batumi. Multi-billion dollar hotel brands make moves wisely after doing extensive feasibility studies. Batumi is on their radar. It should be on yours also.

Does the room have a good view?

All of our hotels are located within walking distance of the sea. Most rooms have sea views but some have city or mountain views. However, when you invest in a hotel room, it doesn’t matter what view your room has, or even what floor it is on. Why? Because you earn money from the ENTIRE HOTEL, not just your room. When you buy an apartment in a large complex and try to rent it on Airbnb or other sites, you are 100% dependent upon people booking YOUR room. When you buy a hotel room with Ruebush Hospitality, you earn money even if your room is currently empty.

What is the nightly rate for my room?

The rate we charge guests per night will change from day to day depending upon time of year and demand for rooms. The rate also depends on the type of room. Standard rooms generally book for lower nightly rates than double rooms or deluxe suites. Our company owns a proprietary pricing system that uses advanced AI technology and computer algorithms to dynamically set our prices and we update our rates every 4 hours. Our software is calibrated to achieve the optimum balance of occupancy and revenue. This results in much higher profits than competitors in the market. Our software constantly monitors over 100,000 points of data, such as airplane ticket sales, train ticket sales, concert ticket sales, and competitive hotels and apartments, to make sure we are fully occupied at the best price possible and we NEVER miss an opportunity. Hotel rooms generally book for 50% to 100% more per night than comparable Airbnb style apartments. Hotel rooms are also less expensive to operate than Airbnb style apartments. So, people who invest with us can earn 100% to 200% more than people investing in apartments in the same area. Our nightly rate or REVPAR has consistently been an average of 20% higher than competitive hotels in the region.

What is the occupancy rate?

Our average occupancy for the past 3 years (2019, 2020, 2021) is 73%, which is 266 nights per year. This has been increasing steadily every year. In 2016 our occupancy was 55.87% (204 nights). In 2017 our occupancy increased to 58.37% (213 nights). In 2018 our occupancy increased to 62.37% (228 nights). In 2019 our occupancy increased to 68.97% (252 nights). In 2020 our occupancy INCREASED to 80.95% (295 nights). In 2021, our occupancy INCREASED again to 89.20%. According to data from 3rd party market statistics such as StatistaAllTheRooms Analytics, and others, our hotels are occupied on average 20.2% more than competitive hotels in the area.

What is the price per meter?

We do not sell hotel rooms with a price per meter. Our rooms are priced by the type of room in each hotel. So, all standard rooms in a hotel have the same price, no matter what floor they are on or their view.

For example, all Standard Room Types have the same price, no matter what floor or view. Why? Because all standard rooms are essentially the same size and will be booked for the EXACT same nightly rate.

The same is true for all the other room types. When you invest in hotel rooms you are NOT buying an apartment. You are investing in a business called a hotel. You earn money from the ENTIRE hotel. It doesn’t matter the size of your particular room or even what floor it is on or the view.

Even if your room is empty, you are earning money. So, our prices are based on the cost of developing the hotel and the expected nightly rates and occupancy for the hotel in the future.

Hotels are commercial real estate. The average retail price per meter of a hotel in Europe is about $10,000 per square meter. The average price per meter of an apartment in Europe is around $5,000 per meter.

The average construction price per meter of a luxury hotel in Batumi is around $3,000 per meter. The average retail price per meter of an apartment in Batumi is about $1500 per meter. If you compare our prices on a per meter basis, we sell our average book-ready hotel room for around $1750 per meter. Book-ready means fully turnkey, completely finished, furnished, decorated, stocked and ready to be booked by guests.

There is a HUGE difference in the average price per meter of a commercial luxury hotel and a residential apartment. The price difference is related to the earning potential of the commercial property, and also the construction quality, the quality of the materials and labor used in the core of the building and also in the finishing, furnishing, and decor.

Our hotels are all commercial real estate and we utilize commercial grade materials and labor. The cost per square meter to develop our hotels is generally 200% to 500% more than a comparable apartment.

Our hotel rooms generally earn 200% to 300% more profits than a comparable apartment.

Many people make the mistake of trying to compare the price per meter of residential apartments with the price of a commercial luxury hotel room. They are not even in the same category of real estate. There is zero comparison between the two.

When evaluating the price of a hotel room investment, it is more important to evaluate the operator and developer of the hotel and the potential for success. A successful hotel will ALWAYS make more money for you each month through booking income, and your hotel room will ALWAYS have a MUCH higher resale price than a comparable apartment in an apartment or “apartment hotel” complex.

How do I make my payments?

We accept bank transfer through the SWIFT or IBAN system. We also accept several digital currencies. So you have many options to transfer your payment to us. You can make your investment all at once with one payment, or you can spread your investment out over time with incremental monthly payments. Use the form below to contact an investment advisor for details.

How much will I earn?

Your hotel room will earn different profits from year to year. Nobody can predict the future or guarantee earnings. However, as a reference, from 2013 through today, we have averaged over 15% net return on investment to our investors through rental income alone. This does not account for any property value increases.

When we develop hotels, we strive to create a product that is missing in the market, and we expect will produce a targeted 15% return on investment each year. We focus on boutique luxury hotels, and we focus on places where there is high demand and very little supply. Our strategy is to find and exploit holes in the market. The sky is the limit on your yearly earnings. You could earn 10% or 20% or 30% or more, depending on the year. We actually have cases in our history where a room paid back 100% of the investment in under 3 years! So, there is no limit to how much you can earn.

When will I receive my earnings?

We send out earnings distributions on the 20th day of every month. Each month we calculate the total sales of the hotel and we split the money 50/50. Half of the money we keep for ourselves to operate the hotel and cover 100% of all the costs. The other half we distribute to the investors according to their share of ownership of types of rooms in the entire hotel. So, for example, if you own 1 standard room and the hotel has 10 standard rooms, then you will get 10% of the money distributed to investors who own standard rooms. Let’s say, as an example, the standard rooms in the hotel earned $20,000 in one month. We would keep $10,000 for operating the hotel and we would distribute $10,000 to the investors. If you owned 1 of the standard rooms, you would get $1,000 that month because you own 1 of the 10 standard rooms. 50% of the nightly booking revenue of the prior month is distributed on the 20th day of every month according to the fair share of ownership of same room types in the hotel.

How do I get paid my earnings?

On the 20th day of every month we will transfer your money to any bank account on earth that you have provided as your payout account. You tell us where to transfer the funds and we will send your earnings to you every month, as long as you have at least $500 in pending payouts. Bank transfer fees will be deducted from your earnings, so it is best to send amounts of $500 or more. If you do not have $500 in earnings, we will accrue your balance each month until you have sufficient earnings. To reduce transfer costs, you can request we send your payments in higher increments, quarterly, or even yearly if you desire.

Do I own the real estate?

Yes. When you buy a hotel room from us, we register your name on the title deed with the government office of public registry as the sole and outright owner. You own the property. It is yours. It is not some timeshare or leasehold. You own it outright with all legal rights and titles. You can sell it any time you want, even the day after you buy it. Or, you can keep it forever and pass it down to your heirs. It is your property.

Can I see your company legal registration?

Yes. Our company is registered as Ruebush Hospitality Group LTD. Our company ID number is 445514934. You can search the public records for our company here: to see every detail about us. Use the form below to contact an investment advisor who can provide you even more details about our business. You can view our legal business registration on the government website here: Company Registration

Do you offer bank guarantees?

NO. And there is a very good reason for this. Our company is 100% debt free. We own our properties outright. We do not owe one single penny to a bank anywhere on earth. A bank guarantee is a document created because of bank financing. Or, it is created by pledging assets to a bank in return for a letter of guarantee from the bank. Our founder is 100% adamantly against borrowing money from banks when we already have the assets and resources in our own accounts. Why borrow money and pay the bank a monthly interest fee when we own the asset already and we already generate double digit profits? When a builder shows you a bank guarantee it means the bank guarantees the project will be completed because the builder borrowed money from the bank to complete it. It does NOT mean the builder guarantees it will be completed. If the builder does not manage their finances well and cannot repay the bank or complete the project, then the bank has the right to repossess the property (or building project) and resell it to another builder at a discount, or pay another builder to complete the project. This process can tie your investment up in legal battles for years, maybe even decades, without any concern about you. As a matter of fact, most of the time when a bank guarantee is acted upon by the bank, you end up getting a settlement many years later that is LESS than you originally invested or were promised. Our company is 100% debt free. We do not need to take a bank loan because we already have the capital and assets to do ourselves. And, on top of all that, our job is to make you money by building and operating profitable hotels. We are your business partner. We think it would not be very good if we, as your partner, were pledging our assets to a bank and paying that bank large interest payments from what could be YOUR profits.

Are there any government guarantees?

NO. Like a bank guarantee, a government guarantee is normally a letter from the government that guarantees a project will be completed because the builder either took on government guaranteed financing, or took on highly costly obligations with the government. If the builder fails to complete the project or cannot meet the obligations owed to the government, then the government has the right to repossess the project and resell it to another builder at a discount, or pay someone else to complete it. 99.9% of the time a government guarantee is just a governmental pledge to a bank to entice the bank to loan money to the builder and issue a bank guarantee. It is extremely rare for a government guarantee to be directly with a builder, unless it is a public interest project such as a bridge or railway or deep sea port. Hotels would NEVER qualify. On top of that, our company is 100% debt free. Our founder is adamantly against borrowing money from banks, even if they are government guaranteed, when we already have the assets and resources in our own accounts. We do not need to take a bank loan because we already have the capital and assets to do ourselves. And, on top of all that, our job is to make you money by building and operating profitable hotels. We are your business partner. We think it would not be very good if we, as your partner, were pledging our assets to a bank and paying that bank large interest payments from what could be YOUR profits. However, there is one last important point. The government DOES guarantee that we own our real estate and they DO guarantee you own it when we register it in your name at the sale.

What if Ruebush Hospitality Group goes bankrupt?

In 2020 and 2021 we faced the most difficult time in our history. The pandemic put enormous pressure on the hospitality business and many small hotels went bankrupt. We did not go bankrupt. As a matter of fact, we GREW our company in 2020 and 2021. Why? Because we are small, nimble, and 100% debt free.

We own 100% of our assets outright. Every single expense our company has is 100% our choice and we can choose not to spend it. Why? Because 100% of our expenses are operational expenses. If we are not operating, we have no expenses. If we are operating, we have expenses that are a percentage of our incomes.

Generally, when a company goes bankrupt, it is because they owe money to others that they cannot pay. As a matter of fact, the very NATURE of a bankruptcy is that a business can no longer afford to pay its creditors for its debts and obligations, so it is declared insolvent, and the government and creditors assume the assets.

Our founder HATES bank financing. Our founder HATES debt. He doesn’t have a single car loan, mortgage, bank loan, or even a personal credit card. And neither does our company. So, it would be very difficult for our company to go bankrupt with ZERO creditors. We are not saying something dire cannot happen. If for some incredibly unpredictable reason, our company went out of business, the real estate is registered in your name fully. You own the hotel room. It is high quality commercial real estate in a highly desirable location. You could sell it or hire someone else to operate it. 

We manage our assets and our finances well. This is actually a major reason you should consider investing with us. We are a VERY good financial partner. We respect and HONOR your investment.

How can I trust you are booking the rooms?

When you buy a hotel room from Ruebush Hospitality Group you become our business partner. You are a financial partner. You provide the finances to complete the hotel and we provide the experience and manpower to successfully operate it. We are integrated with every single booking platform in our industry. We utilize modern and advanced accounting systems, property management systems, customer management systems, and more. And we give you access to this remotely from anywhere on earth. As our business partner, you can access our systems and view the booking calendar and financial reports in real-time, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. You can see all past, present, and future bookings. You can see the income our hotel has already received and the income we are expecting to receive from future bookings. You have 100% unbridled and fully transparent access to our booking and revenue systems.

Russia is your neighbor, is this an issue?

One of the greatest blessings we have is that Russia and Turkey are our neighbors. Because we have 2 giant economies and populations bordering our country, we have a HUGE opportunity to receive a constant and growing flow of daily guests in our hotels. Georgia is a very short flight from most citizens in both Russia and Turkey. It is seen as a desirable and affordable destination by citizens of both countries. We are the only country in the region with legal casinos, and Batumi is now the Las Vegas of the Black Sea. So, it means we constantly have growing revenues and occupancy year over year from these countries and more. As an applicant member of the EU and NATO, Georgia enjoys quite a bit of security, economic and political stability.

Can I apply for residency with this investment?

YES, if you invest at least $100,000. The rule in Georgia is that you can apply for a residency permit if you invest at least $100,000 into real estate. This can be one property, or the combined value of multiple properties. So, if you buy one or more hotel rooms from us, and the total value of your investment is $100,000 or more, then you have the right to apply for residency.

Can I live in my room?

You are investing in a hotel room. Because your investment is in a commercially operating hotel, there are certain rules that apply. One of these rules is that you have personal usage days, and we ask you to respect them. For each hotel room you own, you are given 30 personal usage days. You can use these days in ANY of our hotels. You are not required to use them only in your exact room. Because we share the profits of the entire hotel with all the investors, we cannot allow you to stay for free more than your personal usage days. So, if you stay in ANY of our hotels longer than your 30 free personal usage days you must pay 80% of the current nightly rate. This makes the system fair to all investors. Nobody can harm your ability to earn by “living” in their room. And you cannot harm another investor’s ability to earn by “living” in your room. Yes, you can live in your room 365 days per year, but, you will pay 80% of the current nightly rate for 335 days and you will stay 30 days for free. Of course, you would have daily housekeeping, fresh daily linens, and a host of other amenities. 🙂 But in reality, this is a hotel. You are investing in hotel rooms for a reason, because it is a business investment that is also a real estate investment. If you are looking for a place to live, we suggest you purchase a residential property.

If you are interested in buying a hotel room, let’s talk. Our real estate consultants can explain all the ins and outs of owning a hotel room.