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Owning hotels used to be a privilege reserved for millionaires, but we have made this lucrative type of investment accessible to anyone, with any budget. Let's face it. It sure is cool to tell your friends you own a luxury hotel. And it is even cooler watching the money flow into your bank account.

Monthly Income

Every month we will send your share of the nightly booking income from the ENTIRE hotel directly to your bank account.

Free Vacation

You can stay at ANY of our hotels for FREE and even share your free days with clients, friends, or others.

Secure Investment

The title deed for the real estate is registered with the government in your name in full ownership.

Now Is The Time To Invest In Hotel Rooms

The best way to find financial freedom and wealth is to make intelligent moves with your money. One of the most intelligent moves a person can make with their money is to invest in a proven market when it is down. The hotel industry has been around for thousands of years. 1 out of 5 jobs on earth are related to travel and tourism. Hotels make up the backbone of the travel and tourism industry. So, they are in a market that has been proven to produce wealth for thousands of years. And, because of the global Covid-19 pandemic, this industry is WAY DOWN right now.

But it will bounce back!

A recent survey showed that over 80% of people with the financial capability to travel plan to travel as soon as they are allowed to. Our world economies are interconnected. Global trade, education, art, finance, innovation and more all contribute to a world-wide dependency on travel. When you add to it an ever-growing desire for international leisure travel, you understand the hotel room industry is continuously in a state of upward growth. In the post-Covid world, travel will not only come back, it will EXPLODE.

Smart people are already investing in hotel rooms, before travel recovers. Wise investors are already making moves to own properties that will be in high demand from an ever-growing population that is moving around the world more and more each year. Truly intelligent investors understand that NOW is the time to invest in hotel rooms because there is an impending tidal wave of demand on the horizon.


Passion for Hospitality

In 2013, our founder, David Ruebush had saved up $20,000 and wanted to invest it wisely. He worked as a computer programmer and business executive for many years, but his dream, his passion was to own his own business in the hospitality industry. He wanted to welcome guests and watch them have wonderful experiences and delightful vacations.

So, he invested in a small studio apartment and put it on Airbnb. Today, Ruebush Hospitality Group has over $50 Million in real estate assets and developments, we own and operate hotels, guest houses, vacation properties, restaurants, bars, and more.

Every year we host hundreds and hundreds of guests from all around the world. We have thousands of perfect 5-star reviews on booking channels and travel sites. We are an extremely successful hospitality company. Even during 2020, when most hotels and restaurants experienced 80% to 90% decreases, we only had a minor impact on our business. We not only survived 2020, we had a profitable year and grew our business a little more. And now, we are already roaring ahead with nearly 100% occupancy and daily growth in sales revenue.

This is all because, from the very top down, we are PASSIONATE about hospitality. Our founder always says "I LOVE HOTELS" and he means it. Nobody on earth dreams of welcoming guests and watching families, groups, couples, and individuals, all smiling with joy, more than David. He truly lives and loves hospitality. And THIS is the #1 reason you should buy a hotel room today!

The best way to ensure your success is to team up with a winner. David is a winner. He turned $20,000 into over $50 Million in under 6 years because he LOVES hotels. And he is just getting started. You need to invest with him. There is NOBODY on earth that will work harder or smarter for you than David and the team of winners at Ruebush Hospitality Group. Hundreds of investors are earning money every single month through our successful hotels, and we would love for you to join us.

How Does This Work?

We make investing in hotel rooms simple.


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Select a hotel room that fits your budget. From $33,000 to over $500,000. We offer low monthly payments.


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Sign the agreement and the actual real estate is registered in your name at the government land office in full ownership.


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Watch as money flows into your bank account. We operate the hotel and keep the rooms booked.

Right Price, Right Location

Buying a hotel used to be an extremely expensive investment made only by very wealthy people. According to data reported by Hotel News Resource and Fixr, the average cost of constructing a 100 room luxury hotel is $30,700,000 (26,018,000 Euro). The average hotel room is 30 square meters, and rooms generally make up 80% of the total construction space in a hotel. This means the construction costs of an average 30 square meter luxury hotel room is $245,600 (208,146 Euro), or $8187 (6939 Euro) per square meter. By comparison, the average residential apartment costs $1231 (1043 Euro) per square meter to construct. On average the construction cost per square meter for a luxury boutique hotel is 800% more than a residential apartment of the same size. And the retail value can be substantially higher.


Major hotel investors do extensive research before committing millions of dollars to a project. Some of the most important factors are consistent growth in daily travelers to the area, confidence in future growth in traveler numbers, ability to reduce construction costs, tax and other incentives for investment, and strong evidence of increasing demand outpacing supply.

These are all reasons Ruebush Hospitality Group is currently developing 5 luxury boutique hotels in Batumi on the Black Sea in the country of Georgia, and we will let you buy one or more rooms in one of our hotels and earn substantial profits.

When you invest in a hotel room in Batumi, you will pay only 5% income tax on your earnings. You will not pay ANY yearly property taxes, unless you live in Georgia and have a salary from a Georgian business. You will not pay ANY capital gains taxes when you resell your property, as long as you own it at least 2 years. The country has a fixed VAT of 18% which is passed on to guests in the nightly rate. So, essentially, you pay a MAXIMUM of 5% in taxes owning luxury boutique hotel rooms in Georgia. 

Excluding 2020, Georgia has increased international guest arrivals by over 10% every single year for more than 10 years. Foreign business investment, education, arts, trade, and tourism are all drivers of double digit growth in arrivals every year. In 2019 Georgia welcomed more than 9 million travelers, a steady increase from 2 million arrivals in 2015. One of the fastest growing cities in Georgia is Batumi because it has so much to offer and recently Forbes Magazine named Batumi as one of the top 10 places to invest in Europe. There are so many factors pointing to Batumi as an excellent place to invest that every single brand name hotel chain on earth is either already in Batumi, or currently constructing in Batumi. Huge multi-billion dollar brands do not invest tens of millions of dollars without a reason.

We are constructing 5 luxury boutique hotels in Batumi because it is an incredible place to invest for many reasons. We project double digit yearly returns on investment for many, many years to come. And you can participate. When it comes to investing in real estate, the most important factor is location, location location. We are certain you cannot find a better location on earth right now than Batumi.

The next most important factor when it comes to investing in real estate is entry price. The average price to construct a luxury hotel is $8187 per square meter. However, due to lower costs of materials, labor and other factors, the average price to construct a luxury hotel in Batumi is $4000 (3390 Euro) per square meter. In comparison, the average price to construct a residential apartment in Batumi is $380 (322 Euro) per square meter. So, the entry price in Batumi is extremely low. But the upward momentum in tourism and business travel points to a massive upward momentum in prices and values over time.

In Batumi there are construction companies selling turn-key residential apartments for $2000 (1695 Euro) to $3000 (2540 Euro) per square meter. These are residential apartments that will never have the income potential or resale price growth of a luxury boutique hotel room because they are not in the same category of investment real estate. Residential apartments are NOT commercial property and they generally are constructed FAR cheaper and using MUCH lower quality materials and labor.

By comparison, we have 5-Star luxury boutique hotel rooms available in the same price range developers are selling residential property. And we even offer low monthly payments without any interest to make investing even more affordable. When you invest in a luxury hotel room with us, you invest in a commercial property that has the potential to earn substantially higher yearly rental profits than a similar sized apartment. You invest in a property that is much better in quality in every single aspect. You invest in a property that will have a much better potential for resale profits than a residential apartment. Investing in luxury hotel rooms can be extremely profitable. Especially when you invest at the right price in the right location.

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Ruebush Hospitality Group is a strong and growing business that is passionate about building hotels and welcoming guests. We are growing every year and we are having a lot of fun doing it. Our investor partners are also having a lot of fun. Our favorite moment is when an investor partner arrives and we can welcome them personally into a hotel they helped us create. Yes, the money is great, but the joy and satisfaction of developing places where people come to relax and enjoy and re-energize is much more rewarding. Buy a hotel room today. You will be extremely happy you did. There are financial rewards and personal rewards. If you have further questions, our investment advisors are waiting to help you. Use the form below to send us your information. We are waiting to speak with you. We are waiting to welcome you into our growing family of investor partners.

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