How co-Ownership Works for Real Estate Investing

Gathering investors together to buy lucrative real estate normally unattainable for each individual investor.


More Affordable

Extremely valuable income real estate, such as luxury hotels, resorts, penthouses, and villas are out of reach for most investors. We divide these properties into co-ownership shares to make them more attainable. You can buy one share, a few shares, or the entire property, whatever fits your investment budget.


Full Legal Ownership

Whether you buy one share, multiple shares, or an entire property, we register the actual real estate in your name with the government. You are the full, outright legal owner of the property with all ownership rights and titles.


Professional Management

Ruebush Hospitality Group operates every single property we represent. We have decades of experience operating highly profitable and successful hotels, restaurants, bars, guesthouses, vacation rental apartments and more.


Monthly Income

Every month your fair share of the income from the entire property hits your bank account. We distribute the earnings equally among all the ownership shares in the property, whether it is a hotel, guest house, penthouse, apartment, condo, villa, or other type of rental property.



Any time you want to exit your investment, just let us know. We will sell it for you. We speak with investors every single day and we can easily help you get market value or more for your share of the real estate. Your property is already professionally managed and already proving to generate income, so resale is not difficult.

Hotel pms system


We use world-class technology and software to manage every aspect of our business. As the owner of the property you have back-end access to our cloud property management system, reservations system, and even our point of sales systems. You can monitor the past, current, and future performance of your investment in real-time from anywhere on earth. Even if you only own one share, you can see the real-time performance of the entire property.


What documents are required?

To legally sell real estate to you and register it in your name, we need a copy of your passport or government issued photo ID, your full legal name, full legal address, telephone number, and your email address.

If I buy a hotel room can I live there?

No. But you are able to use the hotel room anytime you wish. Each share has a fixed number of free usage days per year. If you want to stay in the hotel longer than your free days you get a 20% discount off the normal nightly rate for any extra days you stay.

If you buy a residential apartment, villa, or other property that is not part of a fully-functional hotel operated by our company, you can live there as long as you wish. There is a difference between a real hotel room and a residential property. If you have questions, speak with one of our sales agents for more details.

Can I visit the property before I complete my investment?

Definitely! We love when investors come to visit us in person. One of our friendly team members would be happy to take you on a tour of any of our projects so you can see the real estate first hand.

Can I make the investment remotely?

Yes. The reality is that about 90% of our investors buy, earn, and resell their properties entirely remotely. We supply all legal documents through government authorized e-signatory providers so your investment can be made from the convenience of your own home.

Is this like an REIT?

No. Real Estate Investment Trusts are institutionally managed portfolios of property. When you invest in an REIT you never actually own any real estate in your name and the trustee is completely in control. With an REIT you earn dividends from the profits the trustee chooses to pay out. With us the actual real estate is in your name, you earn what the property actually earns, and you are in control of the title and resale of the property.

Is this a Timeshare?

No. Timeshares are fancy ways to share the usage rights of a property. In most cases you never actually own real estate when you buy a timeshare. All you own is the right to use the property during pre-determined dates each year. You cannot earn rental income from a timeshare, and you cannot name the resale price. With us you actually own the real estate and you can use the property any time you wish. You also can earn rental income and resell the property at the price you set, any time you want.

Why would someone buy a share of a property?

Real estate co-ownership is nothing new. For hundreds of years business partners, parents and their children, husbands and wives, church groups, and other groups of people have been co-owners of real estate. We modernized and simplified this process to put valuable income real estate in the reach of normal investors. If you have the ability to buy entire hotel rooms or other units, you can build a portfolio of several professionally managed properties quickly with us. If your budget only allows you to buy 1 share every year or two, you can still build a solid portfolio of professionally managed properties over time. Our model is designed to allow anyone, with any investment budget, to build a portfolio of valuable income-generating real estate at their own pace.

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