Fractional Airbnb Ownership

Profitable Meets Affordable

As you probably know, Airbnb has taken the real estate investment world by storm.

Why? Because it makes it easy to turn any residential investment property into a short-term rental or vacation rental … at which point it has 2x, 3x, even 4x the income potential of that same property if it were used as a long-term rental.

But it’s not so simple. Two big drawbacks prevent many real estate investors from taking the profitable plunge …

  1. It’s labor-intensive. Whereas a long-term rental is fairly hands-off, a short-term rental requires constant upkeep — constant booking, guest services, multiple cleanings per month.
  1. It’s expensive. The best Airbnbs are trophy real estate in hot destinations — usually outside the price range of the average investor.

So, what’s the answer? Are people with less capital to commit — people outside of prime vacation rental markets — doomed to be shut out of this hyper-profitable real estate investment niche?

Fractional ownership makes airbnb investing affordable


Looking for an affordable Airbnb investment? Our proprietary fractional real estate investing program makes investing in short-term rentals affordable and profitable. With only $2500 you can become a co-owner of a profitable Airbnb rental property today.

Real estate investment firms like Ruebush Group offer an attractive solution — fractional Airbnb investing.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Ruebush Group identifies prime vacation-rental real estate. Our market is the popular beach resort town of Batumi, Georgia, a growing market where real estate is still affordable by most European standards (though it won’t be that way forever).
  1. Ruebush Group acquires the property. We do everything — negotiation, due diligence, title work and closing.
  1. You Invest. Our capital partners provide the capital to fund the closing. We offer shares of the target property. It might be as simple as buying a single hotel room within a larger building, or a fractional share of a luxury beach house.
  1. Ruebush Group runs the property. We renovate, furnish, book guests, provide guest services, and clean and repair the unit between each guest.

You Profit. You get a share of the rental cash flow every month, proportional to your fractional ownership interest. If and when we sell the property for a profit, you get your fraction of the profits.

Elegant studio for sale - pirosmani street - batumi


We have unique, affordable, and profitable Airbnb style investment opportunities for any budget.

See how it works?

For as little effort as it takes to write a check or wire funds, you get access to:

  • Low Barrier of Entry. Prime real estate in vacation markets usually cost tens of thousands — even hundreds of thousands of dollars to get into. These markets, therefore, tend to be the playgrounds of the ultra-rich. Fractional Airbnb investing, by contrast, requires much less capital to participate. Most Ruebush Group fractional Airbnb investments start in the neighborhood of only $2,500 per share.
  • Passive Cash Flow. People choose real estate over other investment opportunities because of its ability to create passive cash flow — recurring income from rent payments that you don’t have to actively work for. Cash flow is a key component of “financial freedom” — no longer trading time for money. Once your passive cash flow surpasses your living expenses, you are no longer dependent on work. Your time is your own again.
  • Appreciation. In-demand real estate tends to grow and appreciate in value. This is especially true in a market like Batumi, which has strong fundamentals, but which has not yet caught on compared to established European resort cities like Ibiza or Hvar. Not only is it priced reasonably enough for a retail investor to actually enter the market, it has room to grow. And when we sell for more than we paid for, we as investors reap the financial windfall.
  • Airbnb Profit, Without the Effort. Remember those 2x, 3x, 4x profits compared to long-term rentals? Fractional Airbnb investing with a firm like Ruebush Group offers investors access to those kinds of multiples … without all the operational responsibility that comes with an Airbnb. In fact, you never have to set foot in Batumi — we take care of everything.
  • Title to Real Estate. One thing that Ruebush Group offers (which many fractional investment firms don’t offer) is title to real estate. Usually, the investment firm holds the title — all you actually own is an on-paper interest in that real estate. Ruebush Group, by contrast, registers our capital partners as legal owners of the real estate with the local government. This gives you a lot more control and security — crucial protection, especially if you are investing from afar and sight-unseen.
  • Diversification. Rather than “putting all your eggs in one basket,” many people prefer to spread their dry powder across as many assets as possible. This has the effect of diversifying your portfolio — different assets, different geographies, etc. Diversification lowers the overall risk profile of your portfolio, because an underperforming asset gets offset by the other assets. Fractional Airbnb investing enables you to diversify a relatively small amount of capital across multiple real assets.
  • Hedge Against Inflation. Inflation is on the mind of people all over the world. Currencies like the US dollar have lost value at an alarming rate. Real estate is a historic hedge against inflation because its value rises in step with inflation, at the same time as inflation erodes the value of currency. Your currency is worth less, but the real estate is worth more (or at least the same). Fractional Airbnb investing enables you to shield currency from inflation, in relatively small increments.
  • Liquidity. Most real estate investments are not liquid — if you need cash quickly, you will find it hard to sell your interest for market price. You usually have to wait until the deal operator sells or refinances. Ruebush Group removes this hurdle by buying back your ownership interest at market price. We even offer a secure buyback program to protect our investors from losses due to volatility.
  • Prime Real Estate. Ruebush Group gives you access to the most important factor for a successful Airbnb — trophy real estate. Beachfront property in a resort town. In this case, a resort town that is relatively unknown on the world stage — more of a hidden gem slowly gaining international attention.
  • Enjoyment of The Property. This is something most fractional investors can’t offer, but Ruebush Can — the ability to enjoy your investment personally. Part of the fun of owning vacation rental property is having a great place to stay when you’re on vacation! If you’re headed to Batumi, let us know ahead of time — we give our fractional owners priority booking privileges and free stays.

Ruebush Group has offered fractional Airbnb investing opportunities in Batumi since 2013. Click here to see our track record, as well as our current inventory of fractional Airbnb investment opportunities.

Would you like to learn more about fractional Airbnb ownership? Let’s talk.