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Our Amazing Team

Our core values are quality, respect and service. So, we only hire people who are the embodiment of these values. Our team are hand-picked because they are the very best in Georgia in their areas of expertise. There is nobody else in the entire country more capable of being your winning partner.

  • Founded 2013
  • Nearly 100 Employees
  • Investors from 76 Countries
  • Over $30 Million Invested
  • American Owned
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Executive Managers

David ruebush

David Ruebush


Vaso trofimov

Vaso Trofimov

Development Director

Sophie megreladze

Sophie Megreladze

Administrative Director

Corporate Office

Ia surmanidze
Ia Surmanidze

Finance Director

Kate gubaeva
Kate Gubaeva

Procurement & Logistics

Nana beridze
Nana Beridze

Construction Coordinator

Joseph carvalho
Joseph Carvalho

Business Development

Ninna sharadze
Ninna Sharadze

Head of Marketing

Niniko jakeli
Niniko Jakeli

Social Media Manager

Irina vallat
Irina Vallat

Food & Beverage Director

Mehdi maasoomi
Mehdi Maasoomi

Business Development / Editor

Aphina martley
Aphina Martley

Head of Ajara Life Magazine

Maia iremadze
Maia Iremadze



Lasha tedoradze
Lasha Tedoradze

Projects Manager

Maksym malieiev
Maksym Malieiev

Site Manager

Maksym dolia
Maksym Dolia

Site Manager

Maxo jintcharadze
Maxo Jintcharadze

Materials & Equipment

Food & Beverage

Elene kakabadze
Elene Kakabadze

Brand Chef

Giga simonishvili
Giga Simonishvili

Head Chef

Asia nekrasova
Asia Nekrasova

Non-Alcohol Operations

Sasha nadelina
Sasha Nadelina

Alcohol Operations

Guest Services

Rezi vacheishvili
Rezi Vacheishvili

Head of Guest Services

Eka gogitidze
Eka Gogitidze

Head of Property Management Operations

Investor Services

Elene putkaradze
Elene Putkaradze

Head of Investor Relations

Larry strawson
Larry Strawson

Investment Advisor

Temur diasamidze
Temur Diasamidze

Investment Advisor

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