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From 2013 we have constructed, sold, and managed hundreds of properties in Batumi. What started as a small family business with 3 “Airbnb” style apartments has grown into a company with nearly 100 amazing people.

  • Founded 2013
  • Nearly 100 Employees
  • Investors from 76 Countries
  • Over $30 Million Invested
  • American Owned
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In 2012 our founder came from Austin Texas to Batumi for a short vacation. He quickly fell in love with the vibrant culture and community. David was a computer programmer and owner of an IT company with offices in Texas and Ukraine. But he had ambitions to exit that business and start a new chapter in life.

By 2013 his short vacation had turned into a full year of living in Batumi and testing a few business ideas with a small clothing boutique and a crypto currency startup. It did not take long to realize real estate and tourism were more attractive.


David spent 2014 to 2016 putting together a team of expert designers, contractors, and craftsmen and honing the skills needed to turn black frame real estate in Batumi into incredible works of art.

The early days taught many good lessons. During these times we learned what works and what does not work when it comes to vacation rental properties in Batumi. Our experience finishing and managing hundreds of properties helped us become the #1 leading rental property manager in the entire region.

Today, we manage the most profitable properties in Batumi, which we can verify with 3rd party statistics.


In 2017 we continued finishing black frame properties for ourselves and other investors. We named our business Batumi Paradise and opened a small office with 6 employees on Luka Asatiani Street.

By 2018 we had grown to over 30 full-time staff members, and we expanded to our current office on Gorgasali Street. We also became the top-rated rental management company on Airbnb,, and many other booking sites.

By the end of 2018 we already had over 2000 perfect 5-star guest reviews and we operated 10 out of 10 of the most profitable apartments in Batumi.


2019 brought some major changes to our business. We merged Batumi Paradise and our construction company, Paradise Building Company, into one big business. And we re-named it Ruebush Hospitality Group.

Along with our new brand and a lot more amazing people on our team, we built Seagull Beachfront Hotel and we started construction of Ruebush Gardens Hotel.

By the end of 2019 we were the top real estate company in Batumi specializing in turning black frame properties into successful vacation rentals, and we were developing our own boutique hotel brands.

2020 & 2021…​

In 2020 and 2021, for some reason the entire world decided to take a break from progress and work. But we did not let that stand in our way.

We continued to construct our hotels, we continued to keep our properties occupied at nearly 90% throughout the years, and we opened Blue Elephant Breakfast Cafe and acquired Popeye Craft Bar.

Even though 2020 and 2021 were difficult years, we somehow managed to not only survive, but to grow.


In 2022 we continued to grow our business and solidify our post-pandemic recovery. We launched Ajara Life Magazine, moved our Jellyfish Co-Living Complex to the Old City, launched the Seaside Park Hotel project and created the Midtown Penthouse project.

Post-pandemic recovery of tourism and real estate investment was slower than expected during most of 2022, but both really started to accelerate during the fall and winter allowing us to gear up for growth.

In 2022 we expanded our hotel operations team and our food and beverage team to prepare for the launch of Seagull Beachfront Hotel in 2023.


Even though the summer season in 2023 was lack-luster, and real estate sales were slower than projected, we continued to grow, although a bit slower than expected.

We fully opened Seagull Beachfront Hotel and gained approval to expand our Ruebush Gardens project. During the year we completed as much construction at Ruebush Gardens as possible and completed the expansion of Blue Elephant Cafe.

In 2023 we also initiated construction on Jellyfish Co-Working Capsule Hotel, launched the Me.Kava project, launched the Rhapsody project, and continued to enjoy progress on the Seaside Park Hotel project.

David ruebush - director - ruebush hospitality group
David Ruebush – Founder – Ruebush Hospitality Group


From our roots in Texas USA, to our expansive history in Batumi as a real estate investor, property manager, contractor, and hospitality company, we are 1000% Batumi Proud.

From 2013 we have been perfecting the art of investing in vacation rental real estate in Batumi. We have designed, constructed and managed hundreds of properties all over Batumi, and we learned a lot.

If you are thinking of investing in real estate in Batumi, why do it alone? We are the top ranked rental real estate investment company in Batumi. We are confident our wealth of experience and knowledge in this market will help your journey be a successful one.

Would you like to learn more about investing in Batumi along with Ruebush Group? Let’s talk.