Temur Diasamidze

Temur Diasamidze

I am a person who loves to travel, I have visited many countries, many cities, but naturally I love my city the most. I was born, raised and live with my young family in Batumi. I hope we are building a city and a country in which my boy, together with everyone will live happy.

I have been working in this area for several years. For 6 years I was the chairman of the department of tourism and resorts in our region, so the investment potential of Batumi has grown almost in front of my eyes. I remember how first development projects was planned and how property and land value grew during last decade.

I am graduated as Master of Economics, and I'm finishing my PhD soon. Was playing in student theater. As a hobby, I like to jog on seashore, play guitar, go to our house in the village. I was in the junior rugby team of the region.

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