We Are Awesome!

Because we only hire awesome people.


Ruebush Hospitality



Our core values are quality, respect and service. So we only hire people who are the embodiment of these values.

Investing in vacation rental property is much more than just buying a unit. You need a partner who will care for your property and deliver unsurpassable guest experiences. Otherwise your property will deteriorate and your income will evaporate.

Our team are hand-picked because they are the very best in Georgia in their areas of expertise. There is nobody else in the entire country more capable of being your winning partner.

You NEED to partner with us!


Legendary Team

Inspired by experiences, fueled by hard work and passion.


David Ruebush

Founder & Director

My responsibilities include making major corporate decisions and managing the overall strategy, operations and resources of the company.


Sophio Megreladze

Head of Administration

I oversee all legal, financial, and administrative aspects of our company and I actively participate in long-term strategy and development.


Vaso Trofimov

Head of Construction

My responsibilities include developing and executing our construction plans. I oversee all divisions of architecture, design, and physical construction.


Ani Devdariani

Head of Operations

I am responsible for the day to day operations of the company. I oversee all aspects of hotel, food & beverage, and other service areas.


Ia Surmanidze

Head of Accounting & Finance

My responsibilities include overseeing accounting, financial planning, and tax reporting. Yep! I am in charge of the money! :-)


Rezi Vacheishvili

Head of Guest Services

It is my job to make sure every single guest has the most amazing experience possible through unparalleled service and hospitality.


Elene Kakabadze

Executive Chef

I am responsible for the development of menus across our restaurants. Sourcing the freshest local produce and delivering it to the plate in delicious and exciting ways.


Anna Tsarinivoa

Head of Architecture & Design

I oversee the quality, creativity, and accuracy of all aspects of design and architecture for each project.


Nana Beridze

Construction Coordinator

My responsibilities include detailed analysis and planning of materials and labor for each construction project.


Lasha Tedoradze

Construction Supervisor

I ensure accuracy of implementing architectural plans and I oversee all in-house construction and sub-contractors.


Kate Gubaeva

Procurement & Logistics

I oversee the sourcing and delivery of all supplies and materials and ensure they meet our standards.


Eka Gogitidze

Head of Housekeeping & Maintenance

I ensure the cleaning and maintenance of every room and building in our care meets our standards.


Elene Putkaradze

Senior Investment Advisor

I find great happiness helping people secure their future through smart investment decisions.


Temur Diasamidze

Investment Advisor

I find joy in helping people grow their wealth and happiness through intelligent investment choices.


Larry Strawson

Investment Advisor

My passion is helping people attain freedom through wise investments and passive income.



We build and operate luxury boutique hotels and We want to be your partner in the hotel business! We allow anyone to buy one or more rooms in our hotels and share in the booking profits. If you invest in a hotel room, you can earn a dependable monthly rental income, and you can resell your property any time you desire.