About Us

Ruebush Hospitality Group is a full-service hotel development and management company based in Batumi, Georgia. We are passionate about quality and service.

Our story began in 2012, with our founder David Ruebush jumping on the trend of investing in residential "Airbnb's" and aparthotels. It was a profitable business model for a while, but as the supply in the market grew dramatically, and the returns on residential investments dwindled, we ventured into a strong niche market that provides better profits.

We soon discovered that while residential real estate can be a risky investment, commercial properties – boutique hotels especially – offer higher returns at a much lower risk. The obstacle for most investors, up until now, was that they couldn’t afford to buy a hotel. But we’re here to change the game.


Meet Our Team

David Ruebush

Chief Director

My responsibilities include making major corporate decisions and managing the overall strategy, operations and resources of the company.

Vaso Trofimov

Head of Construction

My responsibilities include developing and executing our construction plans. I oversee all divisions of architecture, design, and physical construction.

Sophio Megreladze

Head of Administration

I oversee all legal, financial, and administrative aspects of our company and I actively participate in long-term strategy and development.

Ana Devdariani

Head of Communications

I am responsible for the brand. I oversee all advertising, marketing, and corporate communications.

Elene Kakabadze

Executive Chef

I am responsible for the development of menus across our restaurants. Sourcing the freshest local produce and delivering it to the plate in delicious and exciting ways. 

Elene Putkaradze

Head of Sales

My responsibilities include developing and executing our corporate sales and revenue strategies.

Ia Surmanidze

Head of Accounting & Finance

My responsibilities include overseeing accounting, financial planning, and tax reporting.

Anna Tsarinova

Head of Architecture & Design

I oversee the quality, creativity, and accuracy of all aspects of design and architecture for each project.

Nana Beridze

Construction Coordinator

My responsibilities include detailed analysis and planning of materials and labor for each construction project.

Kate Gubaeva

Procurement & Logistics

I oversee the sourcing and delivery of all supplies and materials and ensure they meet our standards.

Lasha Tedoradze

Construction Supervisor

I ensure accuracy of implementing architectural plans and I oversee all in-house construction and sub-contractors.

Maksym Malieiev

Construction Manager

My responsibilities include overseeing the quality and accurate execution of every construction plan.

Maksym Dolia

Site Manager

My responsibilities include overseeing the staff and day-to-day construction works at each site.

Maxo Jincharadze

Warehouse Manager

My responsibilities include the care, distribution, and accounting of all supplies and materials.

Eka Gogitidze

Head of Housekeeping & Maintenance

I ensure the cleaning and maintenance of every room and building in our care meets our standards.

Rezi Vacheishvili

Guest Relations Manager

I ensure every single guest receives the utmost hospitality, service and the best experience possible.

Izabella Dumbadze

Investment Advisor

I find great happiness helping people secure their future through smart investment decisions.

Larry Strawson

Investment Advisor

My passion is helping people attain freedom through wise investments and passive income.

Teimur Diasamidze

Investment Advisor

I find joy in helping people grow their wealth and happiness through intelligent investment choices.

Our Philosophy

Excellent People

The most valuable asset at Ruebush Hospitality is our people. We conduct extensive searches when hiring new team members, and we invest in them. We pay the highest salaries in the region and provide the best training, benefits and support. We hire the absolute best people and expect nothing less than perfection from them.

And they deliver amazing results!

  • 98% of our guests give us perfect 5-star ratings
  • 96% of our guests say they will stay with us again in the future
  • 100% ratings of 5-stars for communication
  • 100% ratings of 5-stars for guest service
  • 100% ratings of 5-stars for value for the money
Ruebush Hospitality Team
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Excellent Product

Over the past 8 years Ruebush Group has established itself as a dominant player in the market by offering the best product. We invest hundreds of dollars per meter more than our competition when it comes to finishing, furniture, appliances, and components. 

We employ a team of in-house professional architects and designers who custom tailor each property for maximum quality and guest appeal. And this produces amazing results!

  • Booking channels feature our properties on their 1st page over 56% of the time
  • 98% of our guests give our properties 5-star ratings
  • 100% ratings of 5-stars for comfort
  • 100% ratings of 5-stars for cleanliness


River Park Cover

River Park Hotel

Starting at $250 per share

This luxury hotel has 360 magnificent rooms with panoramic sea, mountain, and city views. A conference center, meeting rooms, fitness center, spa, indoor/outdoor swimming pool, and incredible rooftop recreational area are only a few of the amenities.

Ruebush Gardens Cover

Ruebush Gardens Hotel

Starting at $400 per share

64 luxury rooms with panoramic views of the Black Sea, surrounded by the lavish greenery of the world-famous Batumi Botanical Gardens. Concierge, conference room, fitness center, health SPA, outdoor recreational area, wedding facilities.

The Midtown Cover

The Midtown Hotel

Starting at $300 per share

The Midtown Hotel is a posh urban hotel in the center of the city. It features a restaurant, meeting rooms, and an incredible rooftop terrace. It is perfect for tourists, business travelers, and locals alike. It is only a few minutes walking distance from everything important in Batumi.

Black Sea Blue Cover

Black Sea Blue Hotel

Starting at $650 per share

This boutique hotel is the definition of luxury.  From the marble counter tops, and hardwood floors, to the plush pillows and carpets, every millimeter of this property has been planned with exquisite detail. It features an upscale bar on the 35th floor, and a fine dining restaurant.


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