Did you know? We allow anyone to buy one or more rooms in our highly rated boutique hotels and keep the lion's share of the daily booking profits.
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Affordable & Profitable

Hotel Room Investing

Safe Investment

Hotels are a sub-set of commercial real estate that is generally thought to be lower in risk and safer than other income generating investments…
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Passive Income

It may sound too good to be true, but hotel rooms offer truly hands-free investments. We do all the work, you relax and receive the income…
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Growth Potential

Our hotels are in prime locations. Over time, the price per night rises higher and higher, and so does the earning potential of your investment...
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Skilled Experts

Our hotels are operated by teams of skilled hospitality experts. Your investment is in the hands of experienced professionals who truly care…
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Proven Strategy

We develop boutique and lifestyle hotels where there is a strong demand that is under-supplied. We have a proven strategy for success…
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Personal Usage

One of the coolest things about owning a luxury hotel room is that you can use it yourself anytime you and your family want a vacation…
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Come on. Let's face it.

It really is cool...

To tell all your friends you own a luxury hotel in Europe
and when you show up the staff treats you like you own the place.

But even cooler...

Watching all the daily profits flow into your own bank account.

Location, Location, Location

Invest in Batumi

Invest in Batumi

Recently named "Europe’s Leading Emerging Tourism Destination" at the World Awards ceremony, and rated one of the “Best European Cities to Invest in for 2020” by Forbes, Batumi has a wealth of reasons why you should seriously consider investing.

Batumi is the second largest and a fastest developing city in Georgia. It is located on the coast of the Black Sea, at the Adjarian highlands, in the country's southwest. It is situated in a Subtropical Zone. That’s why Batumi is famous for its moderate winters and warm summers, palm trees and other subtropical plants and citrus plantations. Much of Batumi's economy revolves around tourism. Batumi attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists each year. It’s popular because of it’s marvelous nature, subtropical climate, fresh air from both mountains and sea, miles and miles of beaches, various entertainment venues, casinos, and bright nightlife.

With it's stable, business-friendly environment, association agreement with the EU, flat/low taxes, excellent incentives for investors, liberal economic legislation, and strategic geographic location, it is no question why every major hotel chain on earth has made, or is currently developing, an investment in Batumi.

We are currently developing 7 projects in this extremely profitable market.

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River Park Hotel

Opening 2022

This luxury hotel has 360 magnificent rooms with panoramic sea, mountain, and city views. A conference center, meeting rooms, fitness center, spa, indoor/outdoor swimming pool, and incredible rooftop recreation area are only a few of the amenities.

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The Midtown Hotel

Opening 2021

The Midtown Hotel is a posh urban hotel in the center of the city. It features an exquisite restaurant, night spot, and a giant rooftop terrace. It is perfect for tourists, business travelers, and locals alike. It is only a few minutes walking distance from everything important in Batumi.

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Seagull Beachfront Hotel

Opening 2020

This boutique hotel has a fresh design that is sure to remind every guest they are staying at the beach. From the light colors and "beachy" decor, to the soft fabrics, luxurious beds, and breakfast cafe with panoramic views, this is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

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Black Sea Blue Hotel

Opening 2021

This luxury hotel is nothing less than perfect. From the marble and granite, to the hardwood floors, to the plush pillows and carpets, every millimeter of this property has been planned with exquisite detail. No place in Batumi is as beautiful as your room in Black Sea Blue.

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What our clients say

I have been an investor with this Company for a long period, and I can wholeheartedly say this is the best and most professional company in Batumi and maybe even in all of Georgia. I can say they have delivered beyond my expectations.

Thomas G, Tel Aviv, Israel
Thomas G
Tel Aviv, Israel

I highly recommend to invest in Ruebush Hospitality projects! They are very professional and creative group! Every property has unique character, high quality and the best views!

Aphina Martley, Irvine, California
Aphina Martley
Irvine, California

I definitely recommend you all to invest in Ruebush Hospitality Group projects in Batumi. After completing a few investments I can say this company is one of the best in town.

Nabil Najjar, Beirut, Lebanon
Nabil Najjar
Beirut, Lebanon

Like many people, it's a tough decision to invest in emerging markets. After my first investment, I took a trip to Batumi this past summer to see for myself. Glad I did. Ruebush Hospitality is the only group I would trust for these investments.

Brian Armstrong, Satellite Beach, Florida
Brian Armstrong
Satellite Beach, Florida

Ruebush Hospitality Group is the only company in Georgia that can take care of the whole process from A to Z and manage properties with a North American efficiency! After one year I can endorse them without any reservation.

Didier deNice, Nice, France
Didier deNice
Nice, France

I can highly recommend Ruebush Hospitality as the go-to real estate investment company for those interested in investing in Georgia. They have assembled a highly professional, ethical, and extremely competent team who made the whole process easy and safe.

Paul Budny, Paris, France
Paul Budny
Paris, France
Investing in hotel rooms is VERY affordable and VERY profitable!

Investing Options

To reap the rewards of owning a profitable hotel, you might think you need millions of dollars. Maybe in the past, but now, we make investing within reach of anyone.

  • Rooms from $30 000
  • Low initial payment
  • Low monthly payments without interest

Investing Benefits

Besides telling your friends and family you own a luxury hotel in Europe, you can take them there and see the look in their eyes when you are treated like you own the place.

  • Profits paid out monthly
  • Profitable resale potential
  • Personal usage rights
Financial freedom comes through

Passive Income

There is nothing more satisfying than knowing you have a steady stream of income flowing into your bank account every month, even when you are on vacation. Let us show you how affordable and profitable it is to invest in hotel rooms. Our friendly team of Investment Advisors is waiting to hear from you today!

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